1. Thai Sate: 4 small chicken sticks w/ peanut sauce                    

2. Spring Rolls: (fried) 4 rolls w/ sweet & sour sauce.                    

3. Fresh Spring Rolls: (fresh) wrap w/ lettuce & vegies.                 

4. Thai Dumplings: 4 Dumplings filled w/pork, bamboo,                 
pepper, covered in a special Thai sauce.

5. Tod Mun: (Thai fish cakes) w/shrimp or chicken.                       

6. Shrimp Roll: 5 fried shrimp rolls.                                                 

7. Tom Yum: (lemon grass) w/chicken                                           
w shrimp                                                                                          

8. Tom Cogai: soup served with coconut milk, Thai spicy!            
w shrimp                                                                                          

9a. Thai Salad: lettuce, vegies, chicken w/spicy Thai sauce.        

9b. Thai Lab: Salad w/ spicy chicken, lemongrass, rice.               
w/ jucy tender shrimp:                                                                     

50. Sticky Rice & Mango w/ coconut.                                             

51. Sticky Rice w/Thai Custard.                                                      

52. Fried Banana, w/ ice cream, honey, sesame seeds.               

53. Thai Queen custard w/ Kahlua or Grand Mariner.                     

Thai tea or coffee, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soda & juice.           $1.99
Beer: imports (Sing Ha) -                       $5.00 Domestics - $4.00
Wine: (see wine list) Spirits: (see spirit list)
1st shrimp basket complementary, additional baskets $.99.
10. Pad Thai: rice noodles w/egg, green onion, ground peanuts, & sprouts                   

11. Drunken Noodles: noodles, onion, green peppers, vegies, basil                              

12. Voon Sen: clear noodles w/ onion, garlic, egg, baby corn,                                      
mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions, & special Thai sauce.

13. Thai Fried Rice: rice, vegies, onion, egg, & special Thai sauce.                               

14. Thai Fried Noodles: egg noodles, vegies, onion, special sauce.                               

Entrees with Rice 
15. Crispy Pork: stir fried w/honey, blk pepper, onion,broccoli                                    
 queen basil, & succulent Thai sauce,

16. Pa Nang: vegies, tofu, or chicken, Potatoes & green pepper.                                 

17. Pad Krapao: vegies, onions, Thai Basil, pepper & sauce.                                      

18. Crispy Pork: stir fried w/honey, pepper, onion,,broccoli, sauce.                             

19. Pad Praew Wan: vegies, onions, Basil, pineapple, sweet & sour                            

22. Pad Ruam Mit: Stir fry vegies, onions, Thai ginger, & Thai sauce.                          

24. Red or Green Curry: Bamboo, onions, coconut cream & Basil.                             

26. Pad King Stir Fry: vegies, onions, Thai Ginger, & Thai sauce.                                

30. Krapao Tofu & Basil: a vegetarian delightThai chili & eggplant.                             
* stir fries can be served with Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Tofu

Chef’s Specials
32. Seeda Lui Fai: jumbo shrimp, coconut milk, onions, bamboo                                 
shoots, broccoli, & succulent Thai Sauce.

33. Crispy Chicken: stir fried w/ honey, blk pepper, onion, broccoli,                           
queen basil, & succulent Thai sauce, served w/ salad & steam rice.

34. Thai Platter: saute’ed beef, chicken, pork & vegies, Thai sauce.                            

35. Crispy Duck: stir fried w/honey, blk pepper, onion,broccoli                                  
queen basil, & succulent Thai sauce

36. T Bone Steak: sizzled to perfection, salad, baked potato or rice                           

37. New York Strip Steak: w/ steamed vegies, queen salad & rice.                           

38. Grilled Chicken Breast: steamed vegies, queen salad & rice.                                

39. Cashew Nut Chicken: w/ special mild Thai sauce, vegies & rice                           

40. Crispy Fish: whole or boneless, served w/ rice & fresh salad.                              

**Request your degree of hotness: ** -Mild, ***-American hot, ****-Thai hot
*** Vegies of the day are usually broccoli, green peppers, onions, carrots, cabbage.